A suggestion for you to leave a workplace whether by reason of redundancy or something else is always a time of anxiety. You’re anxious about your future income, whether you’re getting the right payments, whether they should be paying you more, what will be said about you in a reference to your new employer and so on.

As experts in advising employees on settlement agreements, we take all the pressure off you. We talk and understand why you are leaving and take you through each part of the settlement agreement and explain exactly what it means for you.

We’re on your side. So if there any issues, we shall discuss these directly with your employer, ask for any additional money that is owed to you and negotiate the best possible reference on your behalf.

To help you understand the process regarding signing a settlement agreement and other FAQ’s please see our page on the website at  http://www.adnlaw.co.uk/settlement-agreements/.

If you prefer to talk, then we are always happy to have a chat on the telephone so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dipti Shah, Employment Law Solicitor
Principal and Owner of ADN LAW

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