As of today, claimants will no longer have to pay fees to issue a claim in the Employment Tribunal. The Supreme Court has ruled that the imposition of fees on claimants prevents access to justice and is unlawful.

The introduction of tribunal fees in 2013 saw a reduction in the number of unfair dismissal and other claims issued in an Employment Tribunal. The abolition of fees now means that even employees with borderline claims, who may previously have been cautious about issuing a claim, may now feel they have nothing to lose.

Employers are urged to review their policies and procedures to ensure that they are all up to date and that managers are properly trained in effectively managing employee issues. Whilst employers may not be able to prevent claims being issued by employees, it will bolster their defence if they are able to evidence that fair and consistent practices were followed which may in the long run save time and costs.

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Dipti Shah, Employment Law Solicitor
Principal and Owner of ADN LAW

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